Step-by-Step Guide to Bulk Editing Numbers

Telnyx Mission Control makes it easy to perform bulk edit operations for all your DID and Toll Free numbers.

  1. Login to your Mission Control account

  2. Visit the NUMBERS page via the navigation menu

  3. Select the MY NUMBERS tab 

  4. Mark the checkboxes for the numbers you'd like to editNote: You can select all using the checkbox listed above the top number

  5. Once you've selected the numbers you'd like to modify, click the "Bulk Edit" button near the top right of the screen

  6. This will bring up a new modal/window where you can modify all the selected numbers at once. 

  7. You can modify the following: Tags, Connection, Primary/Secondary/Tertiary IP, Billing Method (Pay Per Minute vs Channel Billing), Forwards To Number, e911 Service, Caller ID Name (inbound), Expert Configurations / Advanced Options, Translated Number, Media Handling Mode, Routing Method, Tech Prefix, and RTP Auto Adjust

(Please see the example below)

PLEASE NOTE: This is a bulk edit function and any changes you make will be applied to all of the numbers you have selected

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