Configuring user authentication IP hard phones with Telnyx's Mission Control Portal

In the video below we will walk you through:

  1. Searching for a number
  2. Purchasing a number
  3. Creating a connection
  4. Setting number format DNIS as Sip Username
  5. Assigning the connection to a DID you've purchased
  6. Creating an outbound profile
  7. Assigning a connection to an outbound profile

From our side, the configuration is now complete and you will be able to make inbound and outbound calls through our platform.

In your IP phones configuration, please remember to add the number in exactly as you have created it as the username in your connection, i.e if it is 10 digits 8881204032 or if it is 11 digits 18881204032, this is so your system recognizes the number format and will except the inbound call from us.

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