Flat Rate vs Tariff (Rate deck) - Outbound

Flat rate billing increments: When making outbound calls from your mission control portal account you will be billed at 6/6 increments. A 6/6 billing indicates a 6 second minimum with subsequent 6 second increments. For example, a 1 second call will be billed at 6 seconds; a 7 second call will be billed at 12 seconds. We charge $0.01 / minute but depending on your minutes of use we can make discounts on our flat rate for you. Please contact sales: sales@telnyx.com

See graph below:

This image below depicts the "Outbound" profile page in our mission control portal where you can add different types of profiles like fax or conversational. Choose whether you want international or domestic for your service plan then you can decide which billing method is appropriate for each profile. Finally, choose the connection you want associated with this profile so we can route your calls correctly.

Tariff (Rate deck) billing:

Another billing type is our tariff i.e. a rate deck. You can download our latest rate deck from the pricing page in your portal account to view prices per route. There are 3 rate decks available: Domestic, Fax and International. Both the domestic and fax rate decks are billed in 6/6 increments. The international rate deck is billed in 1/1 increments with a few exceptions, Mexico, Tonga, Vanuata, Western Samoa, Papua New Guinea, and Nauru (60/60); Gambia (60/1) intervals.

Why would you use a rate deck? Well depending on the particular area you want to call it may be cheaper than the flat rate!

*Remember that destinations for the international rate deck that are higher than $0.50 will be blocked by default, please contact support@telnyx.com to have them removed if you need to use them.

N.B. At the moment flat rate is not available for international outbound calls.

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