How to configure a Grandstream PBX IP trunk

Our focus in this article is to achieve the connection between your Grandstream PBX, and our Mission Control Portal. We will describe a sample configuration of the OUTBOUND, and INBOUND trunk assuming that you already made the main Grandstream installation and telecommunication-applications deployment.

Once you have configured the following steps, you can take advantage of leveraging our Mission Control Portal to maximize your business operations.

Your trunk is ready to go on our side! We can move forward with the configurations on your Grandstream trunk:

On your GrandStream management console under PBX/VoIP Trunks/ click on "Create New SIP Trunk" with the following parameters:

Configure the following advanced settings

On your GrandStream management console under PBX/Outbound Routes and click "Create New Outbound Rule"

On your GrandStream management console under PBX/Inbound Routes and click "Create New Inbound Rule"

You may also need to whitelist Telnyx's signalling and media ip addresses and your network ip range. On your GrandStream management console under Settings/Firewall and click "Fail2ban"

  • Place the DID you purchased on the Telnyx Portal

Your Granstream IPtrunk should now be ready!

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